Cashtag Accounts with Square

Gang of all! We have now set up two cashtag accounts with square. Account #1 - $GratitudeCenter - This is for people to use to contribute electronically to 7th tradition or simply to make a [...]

Join the Family! Support the Gratitude Center

Hello, Thank you for your interest in the Gratitude Center Financial Family. Financial Family members donate monthly to the Gratitude Center, in an amount between $10 and $500, using an automatic payment system, such as [...]

Financial Family Campaign

Thank you for all your amazing support so far! Our rent and basic expenses are now being fully covered by 7th tradition donations! Now we're looking to the next step. In addition to our monthly [...]

Meeting Registration Form

The Gratitude Center requires all meetings to have a registered contact person. The personal information provided will be considered confidential and will only be used to contact you about meeting and center business. Meeting information [...]