We are very pleased to announce that the changes in 7th Tradition and rent collections have had a dramatically positive effect on our operating revenue. Collections in the month of March covered all rents and associated expenses and April looks to be following [almost] on course.

Many thanks to all for your co-operation in helping to keep our Center strong!

In other news….
Gratitude Center Bookstore!

As you may have noticed, we put a new bookshelf with glass front along the south wall that is to be the new “Gratitude Center Bookstore.”

For our part, the Center commits to keeping that store fully stocked with books, pamphlets, cards, and schedules. For the groups, we ask that Literature people use the Bookstore to sell books and provide literature to newcomers. There are slips to report sales so we know what books to replace and keep track of money paid.

Books for Meeting Use

We also replaced the big bookcase on the north wall with a new white pair. We have moved all meeting binders to the back north wall as part of an effort to keep the front looking nice. The main room bookcase is intended exclusively to hold all books for use by all meetings – Big Books, As Bill Sees It, Daily Reflections, etc.

We ask that all groups move the books stored in boxes upstairs to the bookcase. As with the Bookstore, GC commits to keeping these books in good order and fully stocked.

The goal here is to eliminate the need for groups to needlessly duplicate expenditures and to liberate some of the space upstairs.

Again, GC will buy any and all AA approved literature for group use in meetings as requested.


The Recovery Players will be performing a benefit for their upcoming trip to Atlanta and for the GC on May 8 & 9 with productions of two tales of alcoholic horror from Twilight Zone episodes. Tickets $20 and available now…limited seating! Buy online now! Expected sellouts!

The Gratitude Center expects to be partnering with the RCPlayers in providing space and support for their efforts at spreading the word from Bill & Bob. More on this later!

Also on the fundraising score, we are asking people to join the “GC Financial Family” by setting up regular donations through PayPal, automatic donations, or other scheduled means. This will help us build the Prudent Reserve and help us move toward a regular and reliable program of donations to AA Central Office and other Group Centers (NA, MA, etc.) as appropriate from their relative group contributions so we avoid “co-mingling” funds, but continue to send needed money to our supporting organizations.

Volunteers Needed!

The Organizing Committee needs LOTS of help from LOTS of people.

At the moment we are looking for help with improving the appearance of the Center. This has two needs:

  • We need a group of people to commit to six months of making sure garbage is out, light cleaning kept up between paid cleaning, small maintenance repairs, etc. Let us know at if you are interested in this!
  • We also need someone with actual interior decorating skills to help us improve the look of all the rooms in the Center! Let us know if you are the one with those skills to offer! Also let us know at

Many thanks to all!

Trusted Servants,
The Operating Committee at GC/