Resources For Managing Zoom Meetings

We have collected the following resources to assist Gratitude Center Secretaries and Co-Secretaries in facilitating recovery meetings. If you would like to set up Zoom access for a recovery meeting or need support around a meeting you have set up please contact our Zoom consultant — P Tyrone Smith — for assistance.

Zoom Status

Check on Zoom Service Status here.




Default Meeting Settings

These general settings are set globally for all meetings:

  • Participants cannot join the Meeting before the Meeting Host (Secretary)
  • Participants video off upon entering Room
  • Participants microphones mute upon entering Room
  • Meetings cannot be recorded

Best Practices for Meeting Settings and Usage

These are suggested best practices for meetings; we suggest each group determine best how to run their meetings via group conscious:

  • Each meeting should have Co-Secretaries (Co-Hosts); one to facilitate the meeting and the other to Manage Participants
  • Secretaries (Hosts and Co-Hosts) should login to meetings at least 10 minutes before the meeting starts
  • Gentley remind participants to mute themselves when they are not speaking; found at the bottom left of their screens
  • Activate the Waiting Room to be able to manage who is allowed into your meetings; this feature is found under the ‘More’ button at the bottom right of the Manage Participants area
  • Lock the meeting approximately 10 to 15 minutes into the meeting to keep out unwanted Zoom Bombers
  • If your meeting is Zoom Bombed complete the following steps:
    • Lock the meeting
    • Uncheck “Allow Participants to Unmute themselves”
    • Mute All
    • Remove disrupters from the room one at a time — many times their usernames provide clues to who the trouble makers are
    • Check “Allow Participants to Unmute themselves”
    • Continue meetings

Seventh Tradition Information for Meetings

Please copy and paste the following information into the chat for the Seventh Tradition portions:

Gratitude  Center 7th Tradition Information:
Venmo: @sfgratitudecenter (Code: 1101)
SquareCash: $gratitudecenter